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Relocation of the property ... 2013-3-28
Add:No.77 East Shanghai Road.Taicang,Jiangsu,China

Economic development serves to prosper Taicang (industrial enterprises)
    Industries are inexhaustible motive force in the pursuit of Wuyang people. Running industries of various forms, solving problems with employment through various channels and benefiting society in many ways are the perpetual themes for

Enterprises already in the form of joint venture and cooperation
Optoelectronics: Suzhou Crane Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Landscaping: Suzhou Xinguangjing Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd.
Talented people: Jiangsu Junwei Human Resource Co., Ltd.
Energy: Suzhou Wuyang Energy-Saving Science and Technology Service Co., Ltd.
Chemicals: Chemical Plant of Taicang Hengyang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Storage: Storage Center of Taicang Hengyang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Textile: Taicang Hengli Textile Co., Ltd.
Shoes: Wuyang Hangzhou Office

Add:No.77 East Shanghai Road.Taicang,Jiangsu,China   Tel:0512-53102224 53100918  Fax0512-53102044  Postcode:215400  Website:www.jswuyang.com
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