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Relocation of the property ... 2013-3-28
Add:No.77 East Shanghai Road.Taicang,Jiangsu,China

Real Estate Department

Lofty Sentiments for This Land (Commercial Real Estate)
Real estate is the propeller for speeding up the development of Wuyang. The landscape of beautiful Jiangsu province and houses in Sichuan province fully express lofty sentiments of Wuyang people for the land.
In recent years, as one of the twenty top real estate enterprises with comprehensive strength in Suzhou, Wuyang, is steadily promoting real estate development in this region. With creating high-quality houses according to local conditions as its concept and the increase of the wealth-value of real estate as its task, Wuyang has been actively developing real estate as its main orientation and going all out to create a new commercial circle in the city.
In succession, Wuyang has built Wuyang Shopping Mall, Wuyang Metropolitain Courtyard (Chongqing), Wuyang Square as a new landmark of Taicang new area and Shengyang Urban Garden (the first phase). In addition, Northern Shanghai Holiday Square, Shengyang Urban Garden (the second phase and the third phase), Notting Mansion and Taicang Business Square are under construction. All these advance together with multiple needs of economic and social development and people. 

The list of Projects
Wuyang Shopping Mall
Wuyang Metropolitain Courtyard (Chongqing)
Wuyang Yiju
Wuyang Square

Shengyang Urban Garden
Northern Shanghai Holiday Square
Notting Mansion
Taicang Business Square

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