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Relocation of the property ... 2013-3-28
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Rooting in Textile city...
Published:2013-3-28 15:08:11

Iran's "Ruihai dense" plan after the Spring Festival in China Textile City opened textile trading company, the relevant staff yesterday made a special trip to the County Foreign Service Center, related matters advisory. This past year, many rooted Textile City Foreign succession transition, open textile trading company, had "a fire" -- the foreign-funded commercial enterprises exports reached US $66905900 for my county textile export, an increase of 33.98%.

The Textile City Foreign "real"

In the eyes of many people, the market and the foreign relationship is "iron-hard barracks soldiers". However, China Textile City foreign trade always enjoy it in Keqiao, work and life easier. To allow foreigners to a city in the easier said than done? Keqiao has done. On the one hand, benefited from the Shaoxing county's environment, on the other hand, is the county foreign service center and other relevant departments of the "intimate services". Being good in business, government incentives. Every one has a copy of the foreign ownership in both Chinese and English version of "Shaoxing County Foreign Service Guide", encounter a problem to work, life, it can be relevant departments to help, guidance, business disputes, the schooling of their children, medical diagnosis, holiday parties, leisure and entertainment, but also a lot of.

Trade is booming

85 foreign-funded commercial enterprises, 38 have export performance.

"Borneo and trade" is the Korean investment in commercial enterprises. Last year, the company trade more than $about 60000000, including foreign trade import and export volume reached US $25208300, ranking first in the county of foreign-funded commercial enterprises. Like the domestic textile trading company, "the Buddha" the main R & D and marketing at both ends, with professional textile research and development staff of more than 60, rich products quickly to open up the international market, business all over the world.

The newly established company, trade expansion sail with the wind. Raman trading company last year with exports amounting to $1958400, $136000 Mori Ra trading company...... "These foreign-funded commercial enterprises growth is very sufficient stamina, a full range of normal operation, sales will have a greater leap." Relevant responsible person told the reporter County Foreign Service Center, she saw many of the foreign-funded commercial enterprises.

Transformation of fall over each other

"Kathryn sealing material" is just last year registered trade companies, production enterprises in Ningbo, Cixi etc, in others it seems, the trade is headquartered in Ningbo with more common sense. However, the foreign trade<SPAN style="B

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