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Published:2013-3-28 15:08:32


Turn our attention to the number of Vietnamese foreign clothing and textile investors growth, this is China's high labor costs and strict control of energy and environmental results.

Last week, Danang City People's Committee agreed to the Japanese Sen user group four clothing company, company, Amagasaki company, Inoue, and Fukui Denka Koygo Ribbon company investment license.

These four projects a total investment of $15000000, will be the production of clothing in the Hoa Khanh Industrial Park of 5 hectares of land. Sen users group textile components for Adidas, Nike, GUCCI and D&G brands.

This is the user group's production of clothing and textiles from China to a part of Vietnam, Vietnam textile and Garment Association predicted that this trend will continue in the future.

With China's labor costs increased 15-20% in the country a few years, the textile and apparel companies began to Vietnam migration. At present, the average monthly wage of a Chinese garment workers reached 3000 yuan (US $538.4), while Vietnam a textile worker's wage is $128.2.

On behalf of the Vietnam textile and Apparel Association explained that, in China, foreign apparel and textile enterprises in their products will be exported to Japan when encountered 10% of export tariffs. On the other hand, Vietnam currently on exports to Japan are no requisition any tariff. In addition, China is forcing companies effectively energy consumption, with the Chinese government the use of renewable technology, to achieve economic development strategy to maintain consistency. The cost of electricity in China is two times of vietnam.

Vietnam textile and Garment Association said, most of the foreign investment will be injected into the potential rapid recovery of funds clothing factories, rather than investing in dyeing and textile industry.

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