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Electromagnetic and infrared...
Published:2013-3-28 15:08:58

According to foreign media reports, sitting in the shielding curtain summer solar radiation, can from the conception of the electromagnetic wave radiation around the mobile phone signal tower, now Germany researchers into reality. Germany Haines Stein (Hohenstein) Research Institute scientists united Germany textile and Chemical Fiber Research Institute (ITCF) experts developed both defending against electromagnetic radiation and infrared radiation functional textiles.

The textile chemical fiber made from whole body covered with indium tin oxide (ITO), which is a transparent oxide for complex intelligent mobile phone touch screen. That Haines Tan Research Institute experiment, the textile has washing resistance, abrasion resistance and weathering characteristics, and harm to the environment and the human body will not be.

According to Haines Stein Institute said, as of now, functional textiles have only intercept electronic smoke electronic equipment release, or block a function of thermal radiation caused by fire or intense solar radiation. Edith said: Dr. Classen is responsible for the project "the new textiles can effectively shield the radiation, but also anti-static, fire, foundry and welding workshop, the semiconductor industry, telecommunication systems security sector practitioners ideals of personal protective equipment selection."

It is reported, the textile material will be further developed for military products, radiation to protect soldiers from infrared cameras to track and the threat of electromagnetic wave.

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